AV Australia make Home Theatre Systems a walk in the park.

Thu 20 Jul 2023 @ 11:26 AM

Over some 20 years now, AV Australia has been in the entertainment business.  The many home theatre systems we have installed over that time have provided many thousands of hours of enjoyment as well as copious amounts of popcorn being consumed!!  An AV home theatre is not only a great means of entertaining family and friends, it also adds considerable value to your greatest asset, the family home.

A well planned, designed and installed home theatre need not add to your mortgage.  Its cost effectiveness can be assessed by the extent of use the finished project is enjoyed in terms of travel and entertainment savings made as well as the capital improvement made to your home.

Not only is a home theatre an effective means of watching your favorite block-buster movies, it is also a great way to show all your home movies, holiday snaps and those major milestones of life like graduations, weddings, anniversaries as well as the kids sports and recreational pursuits.

In piecing together a home theatre, its myriad of components and a design tailor made to include your personal preferences and requirements can be a daunting exercise but this is exactly what AV Australia is well geared to do.  Our approach is to remove what can be a veritable minefield for some and provide a state-of-the-art entertainment module, ready for you to sit back, relax to watch the latest available block buster movies.

AV Australia is the country’s preferred designer, supplier and installer of home theatre equipment.  We have home theater packages to suit any budget and with top brand names such as Bose, Onkyo, Epson, Optoma, and more we can give your a home theatre media room your friends and family will enjoy.

A call to AV Australia call could have you in your own home theatre in next to no time.  P: 1300 967 244