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escape-3d-bommer.pngFeatured:   Optoma UHZ65 4K UHD 3000 Lumen IP5X HDR Laser DLP Projector
The arrival of Laser Projectors

Prediction:  Laser projectors have arrived en masse, and will dominate over lamp projectors by 2020.  Now that 2019 has arrived, it should be pointed out that the choices in laser projectors has changed greatly since 2016 – just three years.  Back then the laser projectors tended to be either fairly high end business, education, or commercial projectors with few below $10,000.  Today we have consumer laser projectors selling from about $2500 street price and up, and business and education projectors with lasers start as low as $1999 (for a Sony WXGA resolution laser projector! (about 1/3 of the lowest priced laser projectors just 3 years ago).  There are now plenty of laser projectors for business, education and commercial use that are priced from $2K to $6K Once you start around that $6K price you start getting either advanced features such as edge blending and projection mapping, or higher resolutions such as 4K.  4K lasers however are still about $20,000 and up, but feature laden and extremely bright. The transition to laser projectors is moving very quickly everywhere but “entry level – that is small portable/fixed install projectors such as those typical of K-12 classrooms and small conference rooms.