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Below are responses from some of our customers, commenting on our website and our service.


20 July 2018


The purpose of my email is to commend my experience with Ellie R to you.

This week was my first experience with AV Australia and Ellie is an excellent ambassador for your company.

To give you some background.  We had a client give us practically no notice of 2 particular projector requirements for which we would require 2 x SL-712 lenses.   Not a problem if anyone had any!

I emailed 4 companies across Australia (we are based in Launceston), the first to respond was Ellie, one other company (who had no stock) and no response from the 2 others.

The awesome thing was Ellie did some research and came up with a stepped plan after I'm sure a fair bit of hassle on her part and the lenses are now due to be delivered her on Monday.   She grasped my problem, did what she said she would do (something fairly uncommon these days) and solved a problem I wished I didn't have. 

As one of the owners of E.A., its always refreshing to find another company with staff that we can depend on.  I like to think its important that when we receive good service we also say so.

Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again. 

Kind regards, 

Joe M.


25 June, 2018

"I must say John – your level of Customer Service and Support is second to none!!  I wish other businesses would take a leaf out of your book!!
Appreciate all your time in helping me make an important decision."

Paul P.


March 15, 2018

Glen’s up for a challenge!                             *insert 5 stars*

Glen diligently scoured through his supplier base for three days on my behalf. Aiming to locate a CD player, after the model I initially
ordered had ceased production, with none remaining in his stock inventory. Discovering the hard way how poor, audio sites are at updating their stock level information. I soon found out that none existed in anyone’s inventory, as I ordered it through no less than 47 on-line locations over the course of a week. Budgetary constraints made it all the more challenging, given the intended destination of the unit was the bedroom of nine year old siblings, with their parents tasking me the objective of acquiring reasonable hi fi components with only $1500 to play with.

AV Australia with Glen at the helm, were primarily the only audio avenue across the entire country who were interested enough to find me an alternative that met my requirements, with pleasant and helpful email correspondence throughout the exercise. And as the model offered was in the studio/broadcast line of products, I didn’t even have to make compromises on quality, making me an extremely happy customer. AV Australia is undoubtedly the place I’ll go, if ever I’m configuring modestly priced hi-fi set ups in the future.


10 January 2018

Hi Glen C.

Whatever you did to get the amplifier here quickly you did it well mate.  Its arrived !!! Thanks heaps again for everything you've done and for helping me get this.

Have a great day.

Stephen - Melbourne


4th September 2017

The Manager - AV Australia.

Dear Sir.

Re Glen C.

We have just purchased after a week of negotiations four items from your company.

We have dealt with Glen C and wish to place on record that he has been exceedingly helpful and diligent in helping us to make the right decisions for our needs; his advice on the equipment has been delivered in a courteous and respectful manner. His customer service has been excellent and he has been prompt in replying and telephoning.

We are very happy with the deal that has been done and believe that we could not have achieved the same without Glen’s assistance and knowledge.

We will not have any hesitation in recommending him to others that we many know here in WA that are in the market for the type of products that your company deals in.

Looking forward to now enjoying the items purchased.

Yours faithfully

M. & J. P. – Perth WA



October 1 2016

Product and service both excellent. 

I spoke with AV Australia to ask a specific question regarding application and suitability of another set of speakers. The person I spoke with suggested Swans M50W 2 .1 system. The speakers being replaced with the Swans system was purchased without subwoofer and specifically for relatively low level music in a small office environment. I was assured that the Swans system would suit the application. 

The speakers were dispatched promptly and arrived in Perth typically slowly (a relatively inconsequential issue of living in the most isolated city). 

I’ve read reviews about un-boxing the speakers and was as impressed as many of those whose views appear on various forums. 

Initially though, I’m going to use this term from another reviewer; I was a little underwhelmed by the sound. 

Many people have indicated improvements over the suggested burn-in (or whatever the technical term is); between 50 and 100 hours. This is not an exaggeration. I’ve had the speakers running for just over a week now; all day every weekday and some of the weekend. The difference now is dramatic. As another reviewer has indicated, this could be my ears getting used to the sound. I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t think that is the case at all. The speakers today sound excellent. I don’t doubt that they will sound better in a week. 

The subwoofer is not silly and seems well matched. Regardless of base being non-directional, position does affect the result. I don’t have the subwoofer on the floor but it is under my (stand-up) desk. The sound is much better as I move away from my desk. That is not to say I am at all disappointed; I’m actually very impressed. 

This relates to another issue; satellite speaker position on the desk. The speakers being replaced were creative T 40s. These are tall and direct the sound towards the ear. This is not the case with the Swans satellite speakers. After a week of use, I tilted the speakers back by between 10 and 12 mm. The difference was dramatic. So, over the weekend just gone, I’ve constructed a couple of speaker stands. Again a noticeable difference. 

So for best results, be patient and allow the speakers to burn in. And position the satellites to direct music towards your ear. I am a novice here, but all of the comments on the forums from people in the know about speaker positioning should not be underestimated if you want to achieve good results. 

As a novice, I’m not going to describe the sound from the system as other more knowledgeable people seem to have done a good job on various forums. What I can use that I am very happy indeed with the purchase, and with the service from AV Australia. 

Thank you!  


Oct 1, 2016

Hi at AV Australia,

I would like to inform you that my Onkyo TX-8030 arrived here in Bathurst on Friday, and sounds [and looks!] awesome! Thank you for ultra-fast service and delivery, and a special thank you to Ibrahim Colgecen for his friendly service and excellent advice.

Best regards,



July 21 2013

Resi-linx went perfectly. Had a really good experience buying from you guys. Mike (from memory) who helped me put together the package was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I recommended you to a friend who bought a digital projector who was also very happy.




July 12 2013

Hi AV Australia,

Received my new amp today...stoked.....great range, great prices, great customer service.


I'll be back!



June 5 2013

Excellent……………thanks so much! I am impressed in the customer service you guys have. A lot of other companies could learn a lot for this.




November 15 2012

Just a few words to advise that the Onkyo DX-390 ordered yesterday was delivered earlier this afternoon.

In fact it’s playing my favourite Santana cd as i write this.

Appreciate the prompt service.




October 10 2012

I received the Onkyo 6 disc carousel here on the Gold Coast less than 24 hours after ordering it from you online.

That is first class service and I commend you on your efficiency.

It will be a pleasure to tell one and all how impressed I am with your products, range and service.

Thanks Again



September 18 2012

Thanks for your help with this. It was much appreciated.

Best wishes



September 17 2012

Just wanted to send and email to say that your service and efficiency in regards to the order was beyond exceptional.

I will most definatly be purchasing something again in the future due to it.

Thanks once again



September 14 2012

I would like to thank you for all your assistance in getting the AV sorted out for our new office here in Perth. I really appreciate the fact that you made this process, simple, efficient and affordable for us. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any potential clients in future.



September 4 2012

Thank you Clinton for your help over the phone today.
Regardless of our future decision your service has been helpful and professional.

Thank you 



August 6 2012

Thank you for your reply to my enquiry. I have opened an account and ordered the projector, Optoma ES550. Your advice is appreciated. Your website is excellent, your service is excellent. I shall be visiting again to buy other items.

Best Regards



July 7 2012

Received the order today and just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. Have been dealing with a few online companies lately and they have not come anywhere near the service you offer, the speed at which you responded to emails and phone calls is outstanding. The delivery was so fast and the product is great, just gave it a test run and everything works well. Will definitely tell others about your service.

Thank you again. 



April 17 2012

The 'Goods ' arrived safely early this pm. Thankfully I will be using a Techie to set it up! I have registered it online with Amber Technologies. Thanks for your efficient and pleasant service. I will send you feed back when all is up and running.



January 17 2012

Thanks guys for great delivery and a most wonderful product

Spent Saturday setting up and testing, very impressed

Thanks for all you help