AV Australia Theatre Packages - Its a breeze!

Thu 20 Jul 2023 @ 11:26 AM

Full home theater package includes speakers and projectorWe bought our house back in March this year and decided from day one to install a full av home theater into the house. ‘How hard can it be?’ we thought and started looking at individual pieces of av gear which would suit our requirements.

It wasn’t until we had moved in that a neighbour told us about AV Australia and how easy it had been for them to order all the best home theater speakers and system online and have it installed. Hence we spent a great evening with our neighbours watching ‘Cliffhanger’ - an oldie but a goodie. The surround sound was incredible and the projector mounted in the ceiling was almost invisible. There was no signs of any wiring and cables, the whole room was filled with Onkyo and Optoma equipment, the best gear I’ve seen, which gave the audience that full ‘cinema’ quality.

I went ahead and started searching through the AV Australia ‘Packages’ section of the website - the branded equipment from Onkyo, Optoma and Sonance just blew me away and the prices were the best I could find online. The design and installation was a big part of the package for me so with a phone call to AV Australia I soon found they offered the full service. The home theater design technician and team made the room look great, with no visible cabling etc. The projection screens and sound was professionally installed to allow for the correct distance from seating to screen experience; the whole home theatre installation was complete.... too easy!

I’m blown away by the sound quality and projector from the Onkyo and Optoma gear and the home theatre design and installation was better than I could have expected. Thanks AV Australia - very impressive!


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