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Thu 20 Jul 2023 @ 11:26 AM

Industry Audiovisual

Audiovisual systems within industry applications are often exposed to harsh weather environments and require performance over greater distances. Correct design calculations will ensure correct sound pressure, functionality, device longevity, video performance and efficient overall project costing for the longer term.

Industry systems include CCTV over long runs, public address and warning systems, video distribution systems, data distribution, automation systems and much more. For experienced industry audiovisual advice give the AV Australia team a call. We can also provide systems for your in-house technicians to self-install with remote phone guidance where required.


Audiovisual systems are often used in aviation for flight simulator systems and essential headset systems. Flight simulator imagery can be displayed via edge-blended projection over a 180 degree field of vision for the training of pilots. Warping processors allow a realistic panoramic external view for pilots to experience flight while still on the ground. Flight training in a simulator has become a necessary way of keeping costs to a minimum while producing the confident captains of the future.

Call the team at AV Australia to discover the quality of virtual training systems for your business.


Audiovisual and medical technologies have progressed together hand in hand. Doctors are using ultra high-resolution projection images to closely inspect and train with other doctors and teachers. Operating procedures can be live broadcast to viewers outside of the operating theatre for fist-hand experience to others that would ordinarily not be able to observe on site. On a more personal level, doctors can communicate with patients where distance or time is a factor with live audio and video feeds.

The team at AV Australia are happy to provide consultation, supply and installation of audiovisual systems for your professional medical establishment.


Audiovisual systems within military applications need to be precise and dependable. Our military teams defend our freedom, what more needs to be said. From complex training base presentation systems to virtual combat simulation installations, the team at AV Australia is ready to help where we can.

A big thank you goes out to our men and women who have served and continue to serve protecting our great nation. We are thankful for your personal sacrifices.

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