Australian Models


Here are some reasons for buying a

Genuine Australian build model




Globally, products have different build sets for different country zones. Australia often shares a build-set with New Zealand. Each different build has important differences in the design spec.


US models may require a stepping transformer which may hum loudly and will add cost to the purchase price.


Australian power supplies operate at 240 V with a variation of up to 10v. Meaning a 220 Volt power supply could be operating at 250v. A power frequency variation of 10 hertz may also affect performance. (Issues may arise with 50 versus 60Hz and the clocking of HDMI Australian frequency versus US) 


Non CE compliant imports may void your household insurance.


Australian Models have radio turner spacings / frequencies set for Australia - Not overseas.


The Australian models versions are optimised for PAL conditions (Not solely NTSC)


Warranty work that needs to be carried out may have to be carried out overseas. Many of the parts in Australian versions are not the same as the overseas versions and the official warranty repair network generally stocks Australian model repair parts.


Products purchased from AV Australia are Genuine Australian build models.